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In these few months, we have finished some leather handbag orders, 4 articles writing about "The art of making" in Obscure Magazine (online), lino print illustration for The Road Rat magazine (local car magazine), logo design and lino print artwork for the local bakery (Forest Bakery) and teaching our first lino print class in Kingshill House UK.


For the coming months, we plan to add more printed artworks, new woodworks and new leather items in our online shop. And, we are also planning to start a variety of classes (linoprint, leatherwork and woodwork) in our backyard work studio. The course date and details will soon be announced.

If you are not living in Bristol and think about travelling here to experience our "making" life, we will also provide the accommodation (an extra fee will be added).


Spring is arrived here but it was still very chilly in the morning. However, we will continue to explore in this city and countryside. We will share what will found through our creation and storytelling.


One more thing, we put our Guan Yin and Heart Sutra prints in the shop now.


Thanks for your time.  


Grace and Philip

April 2024



Our Guan Yin and Heart Sutra Lino prints are now available in the shop.



We are writing a column about "The Art of Making" in Obscura Magazine

Spoon Club, Plant Dye & Quilt Making and Leatherwork from January to March. 

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